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Lift Tek's industrial truck carriages

Industrial Truck Carriages

  • Standard hook type carriages are available with class 2, 3 and 4 fork spacing.
  • Various widths and design configurations are available to suit the end-use application.
  • High visibility designs ensure maximum operator visibility when picking and placing loads.
  • Carriage bars are made from high-yield vanadium steel to resist wear and bending.

Telehandler Carriages

Lift Tek's fixed telehandler carriages

Fixed Carriage

  • Various size carriages ranging from 48 to 72 inch widths are available to pick and place materials.
  • Carriage capacities are offered up to 10,000 lb.
Lift-Tek's telehandler carriage with 8' vertical mast extension

8' Vertical Mast Extension

  • Allows the operator to increase placement height without needing additional telescopic boom height.
  • Allows the operator to place materials on higher scaffolding sections.
  • Quick attach mast mounting to suit the boom mounting interface.
Lift-Tek's telehandler carriage with sideshifting and fork positioning carriage.

Sideshifting and Fork Positioning Carriage

  • Allows the operator to position forks precisely in seconds.
  • Ideal for handling various load sizes efficiently from the driver’s seat.
  • Sideshift allows for more accurate placement of loads in varying site conditions.
Lift-Tek's telehandler carriage with side tilt carriage

Side Tilt Carriage

  • Tilt loads up to 10 degrees side to side to allow for terrain changes.
  • Placement of loads on non-level surfaces such as roofs or picking materials on uneven terrain is possible with side tilt.

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Rough Terrain Carriages

Lift-Tek rough terrain hook carriage

Standard Hook Type Carriages

  • Hook type carriages are available for standard ITA class 2 and 3 hook type forks in various widths.
  • 70,000 psi yield carriage bar material ensures rigidity and lasting trouble free performance.

Lift-Tek rough terrain pin carriage

Pin Type Carriages

  • Pin type carriages are available when shaft type forks are required.
  • Allows the fork heel to float.

Lift-Tek rough terrain fork positioning carriage

Fork Positioning Carriages

  • Fork positioning carriages allow the operator to position the forks to the required location for more efficient picking and placement of varying load sizes.
  • Shaft type forks are utilized.

Military Carriages

Lift-Tek military carriage
  • Lift-Tek military carriages are rugged designs that offer the user multiple control options for positioning the carriage and forks while operating in very demanding conditions.
  • Control options include sideshift, fork positioning and oscillation of the carriage.
  • Military carriages are engineered and manufactured to adhere to exacting standards of workmanship and performance.
Lift-Tek integral sideshifter.

Integral Sideshifters

  • Integral sideshifters can provide greater net capacity as the effective thickness of the mast is reduced in comparison to using hang on sideshifters.
  • Lift Technologies offers class 2 and 3 integral sideshifters that are reliable designs and are easily maintained.
  • Each integral sideshifter is designed to allow the addition of fork positioning as a factory order or in the field if required.
Lift-Tek integral fork positioner

Integral Fork Positioners

  • Integral fork positioning can be added to all Lift Tek design integral sideshifters (ISS) with no change in the effective thickness of the complete unit.
  • The compact integral design is rated at full capacity with no de-rate required.
  • Fork positioning can also be added to a Lift Tek design integral sideshifter in the field as needed – each ISS is pre-drilled to allow easy field installation. Please contact Lift Technologies for more information.