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Industrial Truck Masts


MS: Two Stage Masts

  • High performance with limited free-lift.
  • Excellent visibility.
  • Requires little maintenance.
  • Ideal for applications where overhead clearance is not a major factor.
Lift Height: 79.5"-227.5"

MD: Two Stage Dual Masts with Free-Lift

  • Double-stacking capability where overhead clearance is limited.
  • Ideal for trailer or box-car loading and unloading.
  • The dual is designed for general warehousing applications that have specific height requirements.
Lift Height: 79.5"-169.5"

MT: Three Stage Masts

  • Ideal for applications where high full free-lift and low overhead clearance are key factors.
  • The E-Series mast offers high visibility and proven durability.
Lift Height: 111"-433"

MQ: Four Stage Quad Masts

  • Designed for high stacking requirements.
  • Superior strength and stability along with excellent visibility.
  • Ideal for the carpet, food and beverage, warehousing and printing industries.
  • Lift-Tek quad masts have excellent deflection values allowing use with a wide variety of attachments.
  • Available in 3,500, 4,500, 5,500, 8,000 and 10,000 lb. capacities.
Lift Height: 192"-336"

MP: Five Stage Mast

  • Compact single rail stack design with excellent visibility.
  • Full free lift with very tall lift heights (390”) and low collapsed heights.
  • Available with ITA class 2 hook carriage or integral carpet pole carriage.
  • Can be mounted on 6500, 7000 or 8000 lb. capacity trucks.
  • Up to 5,000 lb. capacity at 24” load center.
Lift Height: 266"-391"
Chassis: 6500, 7000, 8000 lb. chassis trucks.
Capacity: Up to 5000 lb. at 24" load center.

Narrow Aisle Masts


Pantograph Reach Masts

  • Available in a wide range of lift heights where precise load handling is required.
  • Single or double reach carriage configurations are available.
  • Reach and retract cylinder cushioning to ensure smooth and efficient load handling.
  • Various base leg sizes, base leg opening widths and wheel box configurations are available.
  • Lift height from 146” to 425” (3,708 to 10,795 mm).

AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) Masts

  • Used primarily in very narrow aisle applications.
  • A variety of carriage or turret options are available to suit the end use application.

Rough Terrain Masts


Rough Terrain Masts

  • Lift Tek Rough Terrain Masts are available in 6,000 lb., 8,000 lb. and 10,000 lb. capacities.
  • Configurations include 18 and 22 foot clearview and freelift masts, 15 foot freelift masts and 12 foot clearview masts.
  • All masts are available with a variety of carriages in different widths ranging from 48 to 84 inches wide.
  • Standard, side shift and fork positioning carriages are available.
  • Carriages are available in floating fork shaft or ITA configurations.
  • Lift Tek Rough Terrain Masts are rugged in design and robust in operation.

Truck Mounted Masts

  • Truck mounted masts are available in capacities up to 7,000 lb.
  • A pantograph reach carriage allows complete unloading of a flatbed trailer from one side of the trailer.