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The availability and timely shipment of quality OEM Lift-Tek service parts is our commitment to customer satisfaction. Lift-Tek parts are manufactured to strict quality and safety design standards and are guaranteed for 12 months from date of purchase. All hoses are warranted for 6 months.

Price List

If you would like a copy of our price list, please e-mail:

See our Parts Manuals and Technical Specifications for information specific to your mast and PID.

Product Summary

  • Mast Rollers: Ask about our discounted mast and carriage roller service kits!
  • Chain: Pre-cut lengths are in stock. Same day shipment available for most sizes. Call our parts depot for special quotes on bulk chain.
  • Cylinders and Service Kits: Most cylinders and over 100 different packing kits are in stock for immediate shipment.
  • Hoses:  Pre-cut lengths in stock!
  • Integral Hose Reeving Kits: Guides, sheaves, brackets and more.
  • Carriage Bars: Available cut to length, notched, shot-blasted and ready for welding.
  • Replacement Carriages and Weldments:  Call Lift-Tek for replacement carriages, mast inner or outer weldments, etc.
  • Load Backrests: Most common sizes in stock and ready for same day shipment.
  • Fork Positioner Kits: Add fork positioning to your Lift-Tek Integral Sideshifter.

How to Identify a Lift-Tek Mast

How to identify a Lift-Tek Mast

To expedite the order process, please have the Lift-Tek part number and/or mast PID (serial number) available when you call.  The product ID (PID) number is stamped on the upper left-hand side of the outer upright channel.  This number must be used when ordering many of our parts.  We would be happy to assist you in identifying any part needed for our masts.